Tips On Public Speaking For Authors, Creatives And Other Introverts

Successful writers have to be speakers – eventually literary festivals, podcast interviews, radio and TV shows will be on the cards, and it’s

speaking in bali

Speaking in Ubud, Bali. Travel is one of the reasons I speak!

best to learn to speak before you absolutely HAVE to!

If you want to run a business as an author, professional speaking can add another stream of income to your portfolio, and there are lots more reasons you might consider adding speaking to your repertoire.

I’ve been a professional (i.e. paid) speaker for 6 years now, and I love connecting with audiences in person. But I’m still an introvert who needs a lot of alone time and finds crowds difficult. In this interview, Viv Oyolu from AudioByte interviews me about being an introvert author and a public speaker, and quizzes me on my tips for starting to speak, or improving along the way, as well as managing anxiety. (Viv also has a lovely voice so you’ll enjoy listening!)

You can listen below or here on SoundCloud:

You can also find the interview on Stitcher or iTunes.

public speaking for authors, creatives and other introvertsWant more help?

Everything I know about speaking is included in my book, ‘Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and Other Introverts.’ While much of it is aimed at anyone who wants to speak, there are some specific chapters around introversion, as well as the business side of being a speaker.

This SlideShare contains some of the highlights:

You can find the book in print and ebook formats here:


Do you have any tips or questions about public speaking? Please leave them in the comments below.


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  1. says

    Another excellent and candid interview, Joanna, including the very interesting and important distinction between being an introvert compared to merely being shy. I would concur with that appraisal – I would certainly say I’m not shy (I’ve done lots of standing up in front of crowds and delivering talks/speeches in my time) but I am introvert: I need my “me” time away from others and actually feel happiest in 1:1 situations discussing things that really matter.

    • says

      Agreed Henry – I’m not shy either :) one of the cool things I have heard about introverts is that they don’t do small talk – that validated my tendency to ask people about death, suicide and body modification on first meeting!

  2. says

    Just bought my copy of the book, Joanne, and looking forward to it. Your comments about anxiety before speaking are so familiar—I performed on the French horn for years and would always lose at least 5 pounds beforehand! Nice to hear others suffer the same symptoms. I may need to speak in the future—thinking it has to be easier than playing an instrument (but maybe not!), and definitely looking forward to your tips. Thanks for the great interview.


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