Writing For Children With Simon Cheshire

Bestselling children’s writer Simon Cheshire is the author of the Saxby Smart series as well as many other books for children. In this video, Simon gives some tips on writing for children.

In this video you will learn:

  • Simon’s top tips for writing for children. Don’t feel you have to keep up with everything that’s going on in children’s fiction. It will take a lot of time and it’s also good to distance yourself from it. Children’s fiction does value originality.
  • Never dumb down your writing. Simplify language perhaps but never write consciously for children. Kids are far more sophisticated than people give them credit for. That’s what draws them into books.
  • Writing what suits you is important. If you have the mind of a 10 year old, writing for children is fantastic! There is such variety in children’s literature
  • Sources for inspiration come from everywhere
  • What are children’s publishers looking for? It often depends on the editors who are there. Match up what you are best at writing with the house style. New manuscripts have to be different but the same. Publishers need to know where the book goes on the shelf.
  • On marketing. Mainstream publishers have distribution and (some) PR. That’s what sets them apart. On marketing to kids vs parents/grandparents. Simon aims his marketing towards the kids and has found book trailers to be brilliant for appealing to kids. Saxby Smart has his own Facebook Page, but there aren’t so many kids on Facebook whereas they will look at author’s websites.

You can find Simon and his books at SimonCheshire.co.uk and also on Twitter @SimonTheWriter

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  1. Ian Bontems says

    Fellow brit here!

    Thanks for this, Joanna.

    Very interesting interview an some good advice. I was surprised to hear Simon’s advice to distance yourself from the market. I quite enjoy keeping up with the latest children’s books – more for fun than research.

    • says

      I think that’s probably up to the individual. I hear a lot of writers say ‘don’t blog, don’t tweet’ but I still do it! It’s interesting and I love it anyway :) Thanks for your comment.


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