Product Review: Published and Profitable: Plan, Write, Promote, Profit.

There are so many sites and programs offering resources for authors out there, so I will be reviewing some that I think are helpful for authors to have a look at.

Roger C. Parker’s “Published and Profitable” website is one of these recommended sites because it is packed with useful information. I met Roger on Twitter and found that he was tweeting some great links and articles.

portallogoHe has a monthly subscription site with great resources for authors who are just starting out, as well as those who need extra help with promotion. There is also plenty of free information on the site and also on the companion blog here.

Roger is the author of 24 books with over 1.6 million copies in print, so he knows what he is talking about! He has 15 years of writing behind him and his books have been translated into 37 languages.

The premise behind the site is that only 20% of authors are profitable – and you want to be one of them! All the resources are aimed at getting you published and profitable (yes, it does what it says on the box!)

Publishing Success Cycle

Publishing Success Cycle

The site is organised based on the Publishing Success Cycle: Plan, Write, Promote, Profit. I have been investigating the site and some of the unique features include:

·         A get started page. Many membership sites are hard to navigate and find information in, but this starts off with a Get Started page where you can immerse yourself without feeling overwhelmed. The first steps include downloading the full length book “Published and Profitable” as well as “The Proposal Writing Handbook”, both of which are packed with great information. You can then move into the sections organised by the Publishing Success Cycle

·         Worksheets. One of the key pillars for being profitable is being organised and planning your book and your marketing. To jumpstart your success, there are a number of worksheets you can download and use immediately. These include: Deadline planner for writing your book, 12 week progress tracker, Book title planner, Chapter planner, 12 questions to ask web and print designers, Market segment planner, Social media marketing planner, How to interview an expert in your field…. and many more! If you use these, you will be ahead of most authors.

·         Author Interviews. Roger has interviewed over 250 non-fiction authors and publishing professionals and you can listen to interviews on joining the site. I was excited to find Annie Jennings PR on creating a socially relevant book,  Stephanie Chandler on building an online platform, and the inside story of the publishing phenomenon “What color is my parachute?” (a best-seller for 30 years). Plus the wonderful John Kremer, author of “1001 ways to promote your books”. These interviews alone are a wealth of information you need to know about!

·         Assessment Tools. Check whether you are actually up to speed with writing and publishing, and then you will know what to tackle next. Assessments include: Test your book publishing IQ, What’s keeping you from writing your book?, Rate your book title, Rate other books in your field for comparison.

·         Mind Map Templates. Mind mapping is a great planning tool, and is used to great effect on the site. If you like to use these types of tools, then there are tons for you to play with here. There are also MindMap case studies of useful books from featured interviews.

There is also a Discussion Forum for asking questions, and submitting useful links, as well as regular teleseminars and coaching calls. There are videos on various topics and a handy download page where you can get all the resources in an organised format.

You can find out more information here.

MoneyThis site offers immense value for first-time authors and also established writers who want to expand and become profitable. I have personally found the interviews to be of great interest and listen to them for nuggets of useful information. Perfect for the car or the commute! Roger also asks a lot more personal questions than many interviewers which makes them interesting (did John Kremer really study anarchy at University?!)

Roger’s Published and Profitable membership site is great if you are the kind of author who will actually use these tools to leverage your writing.  I think it is mostly useful for people who are organised and tool-orientated. I love downloads and technology and templates, and so it suits my personality. Definitely check it out and see what you think! You can find more details here.


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  1. says

    Dear Joanna:
    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Your blog must have a huge circulation because I’ve been receiving many comments about your post!

    I look forward to interviewing you for Published & Profitable: you are a fountain of information!

    Best wishes–Roger

  2. says

    I just joined twitter yesterday, and you are one of the first people I followed. Mostly because you had something useful to say. Roger’s site sounds fantastic and like a lot of work. Appropriate, since good promotion, like good writing is work. I’ll definitely stop in and check out the site. Thanks,
    Sue C.


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