Adventures in Publishing: Selling books globally

Publishing 2.0 is extremely exciting for authors who like to get out there and just try anything!  I am extremely excited today as I just got my book for sale in India! (even with postage it’s cheaper than Amazon!)

Print-on-demand and internet sales enable you as the author to be based anywhere in the world. You can sell your book to someone anywhere in the world.

Here is my own example to inspire you to consider selling your book globally:

Australia and New Zealand: I sell my print book from my home address in Brisbane, Australia. I have stock that I printed and hold from Bookpal. I sell from my own website How to Enjoy Your Job.

You can also borrow a copy from the National Library of Australia.
Global ebook through the iPhone: If you have an ebook through Smashwords, it appears in a catalogue on Stanza e-reader. Here’s how to get yours there too.
Global audio mp3 for the ipod: Sold from my own website here. Files are downloaded online so there is no shipping of CDs.
USA on You can see my book on here => How to Enjoy Your Job
It is published here through using print-on-demand. I don’t pay anything, I just get the residual income after costs.

UK on You can see my book for sale here. I am investigating other options for the UK as the price is too high for the UK market since it is based on the US version.

India: I am now published at The book is for sale on other Indian book websites but for a huge amount of money based on the Amazon version, so I wanted to be able to sell in rupees. I will post on my experiences with this, but here is an interview on Pothi and the book market in India. I have set up a new site EnjoyJobIndia which I will start using for promotion. More posts to come!

These are just the main sites – other online booksellers as well as eBay have the book for sale, but for the price plus markup. This makes them too expensive.
I am continually looking for new ways to publish, so if you have other ideas, let me know!


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    Your books sound so interesting and this article was wonderful – full of great ideas I plan to attempt to implement immediately. New to writing and publishing I am loving writing, now find myself marketing The Books of Snippets.

    Again, thanks for such wonderful ideas, and hope you check out The Snippets Network, books to “keep your heart fed”.

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