Smashwords is now on Stanza…and on the iPhone

This is an exciting development, and I suspect a landmark for authors everywhere (once they realise the potential!)

Smashwords is a fantastic new site for authors

You can load Microsoft Word documents and have them converted into multiple ebook formats. You sell them from the site for free and Smashwords takes a cut. It’s very easy to use and needs to be a sales channel for all authors with digital rights.

Now Smashwords is now listed as one of the catalogues in Stanza, which is an application available on iPhones and other ebook readers. This means anyone can find your book easily and buy it over their mobile phone.

The picture is my book on Smashwords on an iPhone. Very cool!

This translates into results.

I have sold more ebooks on Smashwords in a week than on Clickbank in 9 months. If you have digital rights to your book, go and have a try on Smashwords! How to use it and my experience here.


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