Where can you sell your book?

If you are going to publish your book by any means, you will also want to sell some copies.

This can be the last thing on a writers mind! You want to create and produce – not be a salesman! But being an author is also being a small business-person so you need to know about sales and marketing as well.

Where you sell your book is dependent on:

  • Whether you are published or self-published
  • If you have stock or you are using print-on-demand
  • How much effort you are willing to put in

The places you can sell at are:

  • Large chain bookstores e.g. Borders: Mainly for published books with centralized purchasing. They must hold stock so no self-published print-on-demand books.
  • Small independent bookshops: Mainly for published books, but may take local authors or a few self-published books. You can approach bookstore owners directly and ask them to stock your book, or use a distributor.
  • Online bookstores for print books like Amazon.com: All books are equal online if you have a professional looking page. You can sell your own print-on-demand only print book or ebook at an online bookstore. See How can I get my book on Amazon?
  • Online bookstores for ebooks like Smashwords or Clickbank: Just load your files and you’ll be ready for sale. More on how to do this with Smashwords.
  • Internet sales through your own website: You can sell your books yourself online if you have your own back end processing system.
  • Bulk sales: You can sell multiple copies of your book to companies, libraries, universities.
  • In person sales: You can sell your book in person as “back of the room” sales when you speak, or to your existing business clients. You can take your book to markets, book fairs or networking events where people might be interested.


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