Sell More Books And Reach More Readers. How To Market Your Book.

Authors have to do a lot of their own marketing.

That’s the reality of the publishing industry whether you get a publishing deal or you self-publish. But these days anyone can market globally using just a computer and their time.

It will take effort but it doesn’t have to cost you much – and you might even enjoy it!

Everything I know about book marketing is now available in the Amazon #1 bestselling book ‘How To Market A Book Third Edition. Click here to read more or buy links.

Below are lots of free articles, audios and inspiration for marketing your books. Just click on the links to find out more, and at the bottom of the page you will find multimedia courses to take your learning even further.

(1) Start with the basics

Prerequisites for Author Marketing Success

The Polarities of Book Marketing: Where do you sit on the scale?

The Book Marketing Mindset for Authors

When To Start Marketing Your Book And How To Balance Your Time

(2) Optimize your book

Attract Readers with a Great Book Sales Description

Choose The Right Categories And Keywords For Your Book

Pricing Books And The Use Of Free

Using Author Pseudonyms

Using Box-Sets And Bundling

Writing A Series

(3) Set up your website and email list

How to Build Your Own Author Website in under 30 mins [Tutorial]

How To Build An Email List

How To Grow Your Fiction Email List Subscribers. My Own Case Study.

Sell More Books Webinar Replay: How to Build your Email List and Reach Readers

Fantastic free webinar replay with Nick Stephenson on how to build your email list and reach readers

(4) Take it further with more marketing ideas

Marketing Print Books

How to Market an Audiobook

Video Marketing for Authors

Content Marketing for Authors and Writers

How to Podcast

Book Marketing With Visual Content. 7 Ways To Stand Out With Images

Integrity, Authenticity, Generosity, Social Karma

(5) Book marketing strategy, launching and relaunching

Your Book Marketing Strategy

Aspects of a Book Launch

Relaunching Older Books

Book Marketing Questions to Help you Sell More Books

Interviews on book marketing

Strangers to Superfans. Book Marketing with David Gaughran

How to Build a Youpreneur Business Around a Personal Brand with Chris Ducker

5 Important Things that Authors Need to Know About Self-Publishing with Mark Dawson

How to Use the Polarities of Marketing to Craft the Best Plan for your Book

Selling More Books in Print with Ingram Spark and Aer.io with Andy Bromley and Ruth Jones

How to Make Your Book a Perennial Seller with Ryan Holiday

Secrets of a 7-Figure Non-Fiction Indie Author with Joseph Alexander

Top 5 Mistakes of Indie Authors with Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy

Mastering Amazon Ads with Brian D. Meeks

Mobile, Multimedia, and an Audience of Voracious Readers with Ashleigh Gardner from Wattpad

Want more help?

How to Market a Book Third Edition is out now in ebook, print and audiobook editions.

Click here for a list of books, resources, tutorials and tools for book marketing

If you'd like some more help on your author journey, check out:




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  • I recently finished writing my autobiography and sought a publisher. However, as you know and as I have learnt, it is almost impossible to get an agent let alone a publisher to consider a new book. Consequently, upon recommendation, I turned to e-publishing the book through Amazon’s Kindle. Due to a number of circumstances I will not go into I did not have time to properly research this whole Indie publishing area and therefore proceeded in a rather blind manner. I have since attempted to research the subject through the Internet but, although there were some sights from which I gleaned a degree of knowledge, found the whole thing rather bewildering. That was until I came across your more than helpful sight. I admit I feel overwhelmed at present; there is just so much information, but will steadily, as time permits, look through all you have to say. I have to admit that since publication I have struggled with the aspect of marketing and feel rather discouraged but the advice you provide has given me hope.

  • magnificent issues altogether, you just won a new reader. What may you recommend about your post that you made a few days in the past? Any certain?|

  • Hi Joanna!

    You have so much great information on your site. I often come back to read and re-read. Thanks for sharing!

    Do you have anything about sending query letters for magazine editors? I'm googling as well but keep getting stuff thats really out of date.


  • Joanna, you are a GODSEND. Found you a few months ago when I happened upon Google+... but still struggling with it a bit. Your posts caught my eye because I want to help someone (a new author) to promote their middle-school, history-mystery series. Your encouragement of writers and the business side of book promotion has been invaluable to me. You give great tips and guidance; you selflessly provide a meaningful service to mankind. The encouragement alone is worth reading your content. Well done, you! Thank you! You deserve every bit of commercial success you can get!

    Presently, I am halfway through 'Market Your Book' -- enjoying it so much, I may HAVE to read 'Career Change' -- and your ARKANE series sounds right up my alley. Your writing style is conversational: it's as though you are in the room. Very approachable; yet you get right to the point!

    Bless you.

  • I absolutely LOVE your website. The resources are helpful and encouraging. I've researched almost every resource and have created a solid marketing plan for the launch of my upcoming novel. I'll keep you posted . . .

    I'm hoping to have more luck with this novel than I've had in the past with building my blog readership. I've been blogging for seven years now, following advice from countless experts, and my platform is still embarrassingly low. I've made myself miserable judging my weak platform and I believe it's affected my writing and attitude on life. That's why I'd like to drive home an incredibly important point: The results (the numbers and the followers) are simply the bonus points to doing what you love. When I make my platform my main focus I'm miserable. But when I write my heart out, I'm FULFILLED.

    I'm looking forward to seeing if things are different this time around now that I have an actual product to sell, rather than pensive blog posts (ha!). At the end of the day, the results aren't up to me. I can only do my part by putting forth my best writing and marketing efforts.

    Thanks again for all of your advice. You have taken my writing experience to a new level.

  • Hi Joanna,

    I listened to you speak in London in October '13 and was struck by your sheer enthusiasm for the subject of becoming a successful indie writer. At that point my manuscript was nearly done. Using many of the things you have taught me, I published my first eBook on Amazon this month. I'm proud to say 'Warhorn (Sons of Iberia)' is currently at #7 in the category fiction/war (Amazon UK) :)
    A big thank Joanna for all the inspiration, advice and tips you have given!
    I'm now trying to work out what went wrong on Amazon.com as the same title has sold just a handful of copies there in the same period? I can only assume this is because my social media followers are primarily European. Have you noticed a difference in sales trends between the markets as well Joanna?

    • Hi Glenn, Congrats on the book - that's fantastic!
      Yes, there are quite a few differences in the global ebook stores, and how the books sell will depend on where you're marketing and also whether your books resonate e.g. my books sell much better in the US as they have 'religious' titles - Pentecost, Prophecy, Exodus etc. You can use paid promo like Kindle Books & Tips or BookBub to get some spiked sales in the US. I also grew my own social media profile in the US by scheduling in the US time zone using Bufferapp, or you can also use Hootsuite. That's more of a long term strategy though.
      It all takes time!
      Happy New Year!


  • Hello Joanna I have thanked your support to the 'infant writers' like me in the KDP community bog.

    Got through my first book...
    'Chucked Out-An Anatomy of a Resignation' http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IAS0KYA

    ASIN : b000ias0kya

    The work explores; Experience of lossing livelihood, Family as a source of strength, Survival of the fittest in organisations, Leadership and People behavior under stress, Passion and Smartness in organisations, Subtle discriminatory tendencies in Organisations and Answering the Enterprenuerial Call.

  • Need some assistance from somebody who knows how to market a book. My husband and I wrote an e-book called Little Heroes. It is a vailable to the public on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple. The book is priced at $2.99, which is reasonable. It is about a group of small special needs children who have been placed in a non for profit special school. These kids have been kicked out of their regular school and have been told that they are rejects. It is not untiil these kids come to Pineview that they learn that they can achieve and become the people they should be.
    The story is told through the eyes of Mrs. J., who has these 7-9 year olds in her classroom. A MUST READ!!! One can really tell how the school districts are letting certain children down and not teaching the skills that these kids need and want.

    Hope people will check it out and give us some input. We hope you will read it and also give us a review. We are also interested in how to promote and market Little Heroes. All suggestions welcome.

    Thank you
    Barb and Bill Johnson

    TThanks so uch.

  • Joanna,
    Thanks for your ongoing wealth of marketing smarts. Good to see your books are doing well.
    When I last communicated, in part motivated by meeting you in Sydney 2/3 years ago, I had published one book, The Old Balmain House, a novel based around an old house we owned in Sydney and a little girl who disappeared from it 100 years ago. It is selling steadily (Smashwords, Amazon etc) with minimal marketing, and now has a sequel which is also going well. It is getting a good local following in this part of Sydney where I live.
    Most recently I have written two novels about an English backpacker who is abducted by a crazy in Outback Australia ("Just Visiting" and "The Diary"). As these books have quite a strong English focus, I am trying to think of ways to market them into the UK. Do you have any suggestions for got ways to get attention in this market.


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