“Joanna is the Energiser Bunny of writing, publishing and book marketing” Michelle Beck. Orbis-marketing.com

Very expert, rich & paradigm shifting event. Many thanks!” Attendee from Nottingham Writers’ Centre after How to make a living with your writing, April 2015.


“Joanna Penn flat out wrote the book on keynotes.  Not only was she having the time of her life up there with her infectious laughter and exciting language, she inspired us with her “can do” attitude that left us all wanting to do more — and believing that we could.” Bren McClain, after keynote at Pubsense Summit, March 2015
Guardian 190114 Testimonials

“Fab. Down to earth info presented professionally and entertaining too.I didn’t expect it to be so engrossing, but it was.” Debbie Flint, on the Book Marketing Mastermind, Feb 2014.

“Excellent! The amount and level of detail was excellent. All the sessions were of a very high standard and expertly delivered. The time was managed well and questions were answered effectively. Great stuff, excellent value for money.” Michael Cairns, on the Book Marketing Mastermind, Feb 2014.

merryn glover“Thank you for the EXCELLENT seminar today in Inverness on Marketing Your Book. It was packed with useful information and challenging questions for us to grapple with. I’m due to meet my publisher in ten days (ahead of my book launch in June) and it was the best possible preparation for our discussions about promoting the book.”
Merryn Glover, MerrynGlover.com

JonathanLawyer“Before I quit the law … I had to sit through countless interminable courses and presentations given in a dreary monotone by personality-deficient lawyers who knew nothing about their subject. The contrast today could not have been greater: I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m very grateful for all your insights … I got significantly more than my money’s worth from you todayJonathan Westwood, Guardian Masterclass on self-publishing, Sept 2013

“Joanna, is a key figure in self-publishing … a go-to writer among the entrepreneurati, at times as much a pith-helmeted explorer as blogger” Porter Anderson, Journalist and publishing commentator, July 2013. Ether for Authors on Publishing Perspectives, in a review of ‘How To Market A Book’.

tweet testimonials LBF

“Your lecture last Sunday radically changed the ideas I have had on getting my book published … an eye-opener…Thanks.” Will Spencer, after Guardian Masterclass on Self-Publishing, June 2013. 

fanmailtweet260213“I’ve just got back from the excellent How to build a business from your passion, and I am BUZZING! I even did one of those sideways jump kicks in the street… you know the ones, like in Singing in the Rain where they bang their feet together mid air, I feel THAT excited! … Throughout the course Jo[anna Penn] dropped in real life practical examples of how she created a lifestyle business doing what she loved … Jo questioned us throughout the day on our ideas and was always giving away tips for how we can make it work too, making it seem realistic, doable and like we’ll have a whole load of fun on the way.” Jen Lowthrop, SheGetsAround.co.uk, Escape the City Build a Lifestyle Business, Feb 2013. Full article here.

“Joanna was an excellent presenter, I felt she talked openly and honestly about her experiences in finding a business that was right for


Esther Bielawski

her and I really loved that Jo’s story shows that persistence does pay off but only when you start to look deep inside yourself to ask what you really want. Having someone run the workshop who has tried a number of different things until they found their passion was inspirational and I really liked how Jo would challenge us as individuals to try to think creatively about how we could turn our own passions into something more. I have to say that her words stayed in my mind in the days after the course – which is when I had some of my biggest ‘ah ha’ moments!” Esther Bielawski, March 2013, Escape the City Build a Lifestyle Business.

“Through a combination of free and paid information, [Joanna Penn] provides expertise on navigating through new media. In addition, she writes novels, so she knows the challenges of marketing fiction successfully … Not only is her advice useful and specific, but she is also one of these chirpy, cheerful sorts that lets me know that I can fix my mistakes … she’s going to save me a lot of time, money, and heartache on my authoring, and she can do the same for you, too!” Nadine Galinsky Feldman, Author – full post here.

“I love Jo’s energy and wealth of knowledge, it makes the impossible seem possible.” Ana-Maria Chima

“Thank you for a great course, full of content and really helpful, practical and actionable tips … you are an excellent presenter and enthusiast for the subject. I’ve always found your podcasts very helpful and I admire your openness and honesty.Graham Dinton, from Publish It & Market It weekend course, Trinity College, Oxford, May 2012.

“Great presenter, very generous with information, a good balance of “how to” detail and overall strategy and detailed insight of how to create multi media products. A very authentic presenter.” Alasdair Inglis. Wearegrow.com. May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

For anyone looking to develop their business online this course with Joanna Penn is essential. And the best bit – you donʼt have to be a tech wizard to understand her.” Tina Rycroft. Theplusteam.co.uk. May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

Rikke Hansen, CareerConcierge.co.uk

“Loved the combination of whistle stop tour and the knowledge that I would get the slides and the ʻhow toʼ video sent to me afterwards if I want more in-depth. Magic transmission of feeling that itʼs all do-able. Loved the emphasis on keeping it simple and low key. So tactical and unique.”
Rikke Hansen. Careerconcierge.com, May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

“Joanna Penn rocked the room as usual! Great content, upbeat and energetic delivery and all the tips and tricks you need to get started straight away.” Rachel Fairweather, JingMassage.com. May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

“The entire session was inspiring. More importantly it provided me with the ʻknow-howʼ and tools to go away and start making short videos and podcasts without a lot of technical knowledge and expensive equipment.” June Zaft. Country-walks.com. May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

More text testimonials below the video:

I was amazed at how much was covered in a couple of hours. And how somehow Joanna managed to give the big picture overview as well as all the nitty gritty tips and recommended links. And above all, she gave me confidence to give it a go!” Patricia van den Akker. Thedesigntrust.co.uk. May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

“Every time I attend one of Joannaʼs seminars, I am struck by her generosity. Her knowledge is extraordinary and she is so willing to share. Extremely clear and enjoyable.” Meghan Mari, Jing Massage. May 2012, Creating MultiMedia Products Workshop

“Learning about all the legwork that needs to be done to effectively market your book. Marketing is not getting your PR to throw a party with champers and nibbles! Lots of hints and tips that I would not have even thought about. You may think you know everything about marketing but you will pick up some nuggets from this workshop.” Ashling Cullen – Holisticmassage.co.uk, March 2012, Sell, Market & Launch Your Book workshop

“A lot of interesting information re using the internet, especially GooglePlus. Workshop was great. Joanna, youʼre an expert in your field and it shows! Great speaker, excellent energy.” Deborah Goodman – www.DeborahGoodman.com. March 2012, Sell, Market & Launch Your Book workshop

Tracey Stonard, Magenta Cakes

“Joanna is not only a great author, she is a fabulous business-woman.” Tracy Stonard – www.magentacakes.co.ukMarch 2012, Sell, Market & Launch Your Book workshop

“Brilliant! Jo has amazing energy and expertise. This was a complete value for money day giving all the great shortcuts any aspiring author could need. I am a raving fan!” Rachel Fairweather – www.jingmassage.com. March 2012, Sell, Market & Launch Your Book workshop

“Well worth my investment. So much information given, so many things to follow-up and implement. Would recommend this course to anyone who wants to write a book.” Carole Bozkurt. March 2012, Sell, Market & Launch Your Book workshop

Dave Hampton, Carbon Coach

A hugely passionate, positive, informed, futuristic and empowering day, covering everything you could possibly need to know about changing my life by writing a book.” Dave Hampton, The Carbon Coach, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“I have taken a few webinars and this was, by far, the most useful, and most thorough one of all.  You have an excellent “radio voice” – very easy to listen to and you are very well-spoken. 
It was the perfect pace, as far as I was concerned and I made note of several points that I am going to try right away. I especially appreciated your info regarding paid advertising on Pixel of Ink and thanks for sharing your results, too, by the way. At $21 this has been the most cost-effective, knowledge-filled webinar I have ever signed up for” – Dianne Greenlay, about 21 Ways to Sell More Fiction, Feb 2012

“I knew nothing about writing and publishing a book and now I feel confident to embark on the project and am very grateful for Joanna’s tips on the expensive pitfalls you can make unwittingly.” Jo Tall, Off to see my lawyer.com, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. You’ve given me so much information, absolutely fantastic. I feel so much more confident and know I can go ahead on this journey.” Gudrun Dalibor, YourVoices.co.uk,  Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

Sarah Chatwin, Alexander Technique

Joanna’s experience, honesty and expertise are mind-blowing. Practical and inspiring.” Sarah Chatwin, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“I wanted to thank you for the terrific Webinar “How to Promote Your Novel”. Bravo! I’m just getting my feet wet in the world of indie publishing and found the information you provided extremely helpful. Your clear-thinking approach removed much of the (terrifying) mystery from the process. Already, I’ve begun putting many of your suggestions to work while delving into the gold mine of information on your website. Wow! So much to learn. Your views on indie publishing vs traditional publishing were especially helpful to me, removing the stigma of going it alone. It seems more of an adventure now, not a “second best” way of getting my books in front of readers’ eyes. Thanks.” Patricia Peirson

“Inspirational day. Additionally loved the structure and all the practical advice which makes the project attainable. Now fully confident that I could write an ebook and market it. Also, as a result of today I have many more ideas about what I could do, time permitting!” June Zaft, Country Walks. Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“Joanna provided a torrent of extremely relevant and practical information about writing and publishing books. Her enthusiasm and real life experience shone through and made us all leave thinking we could do it!”  Wendy Kerr, CorporateCrossoversFeb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

Michelle Beck, Orbis Marketing

“Joanna is a dynamic speaker and educator who provides highly practical advice, delivered in an authentic ‘keep it real’ style.” Michelle Beck, Orbis Marketing. Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

Brilliant. I came to the session with an idea for a book and not much knowledge on how to go about it. I now have a number of chapter headings and know the ins and outs of editing, publishing and software that can help me write my book. It has also given me ideas for other books too. Thank you.” Ashling Cullen, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

Anybody considering writing a book should go on this course. My perspective changed entirely over the course of the day…and this is a good thing! I am off and writing in a new direction.” Harriet Morris, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book

“Had I not attended, I may have ended up committing to publishers where I pay to be published or a big package of author services. I am more certain than ever that I don’t want to give away control of my book.” Marina Wallington, Feb 2012, Full day workshop, How to write and publish your non-fiction book for Women Unlimited.

“Not only was this information different, it was presented in a way that was easy to understand and immediately applicable to my books and how to promote them. I loved that Joanna used real figures for her novels, and gave real places to go for further information. I gladly recommend this program.”
—Traci Hall, author of the Rhiannon Godfrey series, Boadicea series, and The Queen’s Guard series, about 21 Ways to Sell More Fiction Webinar, Feb 2012

Tweet from Corrina Gordon-Barnes at You Inspire Me. We did this interview on publishing options for her book. “I so enjoyed speaking with @TheCreativePenn earlier today about self-publishing options. What a knowledgeable woman! – thanks Joanna ;)”

“Joanna’s seminar on Blogging and Social Networking for Writers was excellent. In just one day she covered the basics of how authors can use WordPress blogs, Twitter and Facebook to build a platform. For me, she opened up the concept of video blogging, something I never would have thought I could do, and explained in a clear way how it could help my writing career. Joanna was warm, funny and very generous, not only with her expertise but also in revealing her past mistakes and what she learned from them. Highly recommended.” Belinda Pollard , from Queensland Writer’s Centre Seminar, April 2011.

Maria Gunstone

Above testimonial from Maria Gunstone, You & Me Yoga

“I have never enjoyed a session at a one-day course so much as I enjoyed your talk today at Publishing Boot Camp 2010. It wasn’t just your overwhelming enthusiasm for the topic or your spot-on and up-to-date knowledge but you included so many different aspects of Internet marketing and you were funny too, very funny. I have not learned or laughed so much in a long time.” Brian K Robertson, PNGSchoolbooks, from Publishing Bootcamp, Nov 2010.

Tweet from John Locke, first self-published author to make 1 million Kindle sales with his Donovan Creed novels. Author of ‘How to sell 1 million books on the Kindle.’

Joanna is an exceptional coach and presenter. She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and tools, all of which she is willing to share. Her enthusiasm is inspirational, not to mention her awesome business sense. She is outstanding. The teachings and program have been extremely timely and relevant. From a quality and personal perspective, this retreat has been 10+!” Francesca Bonavita, from NYC, USA. Bali retreat 2010

Robin Sparks, Bali retreat organiser

“Prompt, well organised, on time. Overall excellent, loved the closing ceremony. Joanna generously shares a wealth of information that she has worked hard to obtain. Her speaking style is high energy, fast paced and best of all filled with information available in very few places. You will walk away from one of Joanna’s sessions amazed at what you didn’t know and ready to put to work all the new knowledge to move ahead of the pack.” Robin Sparks, writer and retreat organiser, Bali, Oct 2010.

Tweet from Liz at Libro Editing who does my transcription for my webinars and audio products. She does a fantastic job and also listens to all my material :)

The best for me was the wealth of information and how to on blogging, multimedia etc. Personally I enjoyed the session on video and audio the most. However, the other sessions were equally important. Branding is probably the most important session and it gave me a lot to think about. Joanna – great presentation skills – voice, body language, all good stuff. Also, personable with a sense of humour. All very important qualities when making a presentation.” Rita Ciolek, from Chicago, USA. Bali retreat 2010.

“Fantastic powerpoint and supportive material. Joanna is an extremely professional and enthusiastic speaker and I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering using the net to expand their life!” Colleen Sullivan, from Australia. Bali retreat, 2010

“Joanna, you took a creative idea and put it into a tangible, achievable business opportunity. You are very clever and generous with your time. Thankyou.” Jan Ford, real estate agent and 2010 Australian Business Women Award winner, Bali retreat 2010

Benison Anne O’Reilly, author

“I came to the retreat to relax and write, not expecting to learn much at all. Boy, was I wrong! Joanna Penn’s knowledge on writing, publishing and marketing is mind boggling. She is so generous to share this hard-earned knowledge with others – a real inspiration” Benison Anne O’Reilly, author of ‘Happily Ever After’, from Australia. Bali retreat Oct 2010

“I loved how practical the sessions were. They really changed the way I think about publishing. Joanna is in the business of turning dreams into reality. With her practical advice and extensive knowledge, you can’t go wrong.” Tammie Day, Oct 2010 – Bali retreat

“Fantastic! I feel like I’ve been awakened from a deep sleep. Your energy, motivation and knowledge has been truly inspiring. I’m walking away from here, not only enriched and with knowledge but with a sense of being part of a great group of people and a whole new sense of future. Thank you from my heart and soul.” Nicky J Watson, Bali retreat, Oct 2010

“I found the systems and resources of websites for writing beneficial. I like the use of powerpoints. I enjoyed the information about self-publishing, print on demand and making money the most. Joanna obviously shares her wisdom and insight with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your experiences to make my journey easier.” Jean Sheehan, Absolute Empowerment, Bali retreat, Oct 2010

“Course content was a comprehensive toolbox with additional resources. Joanna enthused and wooed participants into knowing, trusting and liking the material” Kimberley Maclean, Makadi Group, Bali retreat 2010

“Dear Joanna, I first “met” you in a teleseminar you did with John Kremer for his “People You Should Know” series.  Your spoke on “How to Use Web 2.0 Tools to Build Your Author Platform.”  At that point I was working on my book and knew very little about building a platform, or even what a platform was.  Your advice really helped me get started and I started following “The Creative Penn.” More great tips.  (I love the podcasts!) I am very grateful to your writing/marketing tips, which pointed me in the right direction — so much so, in fact, that I’ve included you in the acknowledgments of my newly published book: WORD SAVVY: Use the Right Word Every Time, All the Time.  (Writer’s Digest Books)” Nancy N. Ragno www.TheWordSavvySite.com

Debra Jarvis

“Joanna is a content rich speaker and it’s well worth investing your time and money to attend her author training. I now understand blogging and how it makes a difference” Debra Jarvis, DebraJarvisSpeaks, August 2010

Your enthusiasm is infectious; your knowledge astounding and your generosity of spirit and knowledge to be applauded”. Judi Young, August 2010

Trish Perry

An abundance of useful information, very inspirational and encouraging to build a presence globally about my expertise and what I believe in.” Trish Perry, August 2010

“Have learnt so much. I have been inspired to write my book, but also to use all the various medias to build relationships and a resource base/products. Friendly, practical, informative, great presenter!” Sue-Anne Fuller, August 2010

“As an already published author I felt the information provided went above and beyond my expectations. Learning more about branding was fantastic. I feel I have received the guidance I needed to take the two areas of my life which I am passionate about and discover some real learning techniques to build and see a vision for my future author endeavours. Fantastic!” Jen Gallagher, Essential Oil Goddess, August 2010

Everything was explained so clearly. I can’t wait to start blogging and tweeting. I’m sure my new business will benefit from all this knowledge. Your speaking style and content is exceptional.” Andy McDermott, Publicious, from Gold Coast Writer’s Association full day workshop, May 2010.

I want to congratulate you on the great workshop you gave at GCWA. The content…was certainly presented and followed up in a most entertaining and inclusive way. I was particularly impressed by the way you managed to include absolutely everybody present, in responses. As a retired high school teacher I noted with pleasure that not one person ‘faded’ during your talk. Your long Powerpoint display was also very helpful when I missed some of the things you said, and I loved those comic little incidentals in the display such as ‘tea break’ and I was very impressed with the number of cross references you gave straight off the top of your head eg Andy’s question about how to get his references filed without having to go through the tedious stuff himself; where to go if you’ve more money than time, to get a site put up for yourself. It was great, I hope you will come again and I hope that I can take the plunge and drag all my colleagues at Southern Shorties, with me” George Lewis, from Gold Coast Writer’s Association.

Fantastic energy, excellent useful information, clear and concise organisation, brilliant powerpoint presentation. Involved the group – appropriate workshopping/exercises. Thankyou again Joanna for one of the best and most informative workshops I have attended. I still felt energized at the end of the day, and hope I can implement even a few of your fabulous tools for marketing and selling on the internet. A truly stellar day.” Joan Small, from Gold Coast Writer’s Association full day workshop, May 2010.

“You are so enthusiastic, you enthuse us all as well. You have given me a whole new medium to explore in marketing for which I am very grateful and determined to conquer to be successful”, Tina Ross from Gold Coast Writer’s Association full day workshop, May 2010.

Here are some video testimonials from the Gold Coast Writer’s Workshop – more text testimonials below the video.

“Enthusiasm, passion and knowledgeable information, presented in such an easy style. So much useful and comprehensive information to apply, with heaps of options to act on.” Angelika Heurich, from Gold Coast Writer’s Association full day workshop, May 2010.

Amazing speaker. Held a room full of people’s attention with her knowledge and energy for five hours. Her presentation on all facets of the workshop was first class.” Fay O’Neill from Gold Coast Writer’s Association full day workshop, May 2010.


Joanna, your talk was fabulous. One of the best I have ever seen. Everyone was so impressed with your enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for your subject. I can’t wait to have you come back to the Gold Coast for a workshop”. Jeannie May Barker, President, Gold Coast Writer’s Association, QLD, Australia. February, 2010

Thank you for such a fantastic session yesterday. Your enthusiasm is contagious – setting up an online presence is on my things to do this week!”. Amanda Worlley, Gold Coast, Australia. Feb, 2010

“Joanna, there’s no question in my mind that you have emerged as the most important blogger for writers to follow. In my own 3 1/2 years of blogging for writers, I’ve seen a handful of others come and go, with great material about the business and technical side of writing. You’ve stuck with it, and every month you’ve just gotten better and better.” Tom Colvin, Becoming a Writer Seriously

“I have heard Joanna Penn speak on Web 2.0 Marketing twice now. I went back the second time as she was such a professional, engaging and generous speaker. Her session was so inspiring that I went and put my learnings into practice straight away and proved that it works!“. Cassandra Roland, Creative Participation Advisory Service, after talk at Logan Women’s Community Centre on Web 2.0 marketing. Feb, 2010

“One of the most useful and content rich podcasts on book writing and publishing comes from Joanna Penn at the Creative Penn . She has written/published a few books and shares her research experience on her blog.” Bernie Landry, on his blog, Book Webcasts.

“Just a quick note to say hi and thanks for the advice and guidance in your From Book to Market volume. It has been extremely informative and inspirational. With three new books published in the last month and five more planned for the next three months, your book has been a total godsend. Take care and keep inspiring”. Colin M. Jarman, London, UK, from an email posted on Authors Den, Feb 2010

“Joanna’s enthusiasm for her subject was inspiring and refreshing. She demonstrated a thorough and extensive knowledge of self-publishing and the digital world was exceptional. I also enjoyed the effort she took to get to know the participants and use that knowledge to make her talk relevant and interesting.” Susan Clarke, September 2009.

“Joanna is bright, cheerful, bubbly and entertaining. She is incredibly informative and generous with her experience and knowledge.” Bev Ryan, Women’s Publishing Network.

Practical, sensible ideas. Very warm and friendly lady. Easy to follow and understand content.” Heather Wood, Money Detective.

“Lovely personality, warm and easy to listen to. Knows her material and presents it in an interesting and easy to listen to way.”
Diane Carter.

Joanna’s talk on creating your author platform to market your books, even if you haven’t written one yet, was nothing short of inspirational. Her presentation was delivered so enthusiastically that it was impossible not to be engaged and excited about the possibilities to reach a dramatically wider audience via social media and online marketing. From those new to the social media buzz there were many questions about twittering and blogging and why one would even do that! Joanna swiftly responded to most questions thrown at her, only limited by the lack of time available.” From Gold Coast Writer’s Association Monthly Newsletter, March 2010.

“I like all the great ideas provided. Good introduction to self-publish. Very up to date info. Important when web changes all the time.”
Jerry Liu

I’m just buzzing with ideas. Replacing my current income and implementing my sea-change may be closer than I thought!”
Di Pollard

Amazingly inspirational, down to earth, informative and fun! Thank you sooooo much! I’m off to blog.” Donna Flockhard, Bodhi & Me

“Joanna, thank you for a high energy inspiring session. You can see your passion through your presenting and you are ‘real’. Great stuff!” Nicole Murray, Hot Choc Coaching.

“Joanna was very informative. Lots of great advice and ideas. Extremely encouraging in helping me move forward on my writing ventures.”
Fiona Hills, Simple Mortgage Solutions.

“Joanna knows her stuff and hardly took a breath in delivering her content. Her enthusiasm and sense of humour helped carry the session which was way too short. Thank you.” Delia Mozer, Organisation Development Resources.

“I knew nothing about publishing before and found it daunting. That is no longer the case. I found her information captivating and detailed enough for me at this point in my journey.” Cindy Harvey

“Fabulous content, dynamic entertaining speaker. Joanna absolutely delivered far more than expected! If you want to be an author, Joanna and The Creative Penn is the place to start! Thank you.” Lisa MurrayRevive Coaching

I have just spent $2000 on a 3 day marketing intensive and feel like I got just as much out of 1.5 hours listening to Joanna’s tips on how to be an author. Great! Can’t wait to get started.” Nirala Jacobi, Natural Healthcare

“How to write, publish and market a book. Very informative and useful information. Very detailed and valuable. What a power source of great knowledge. Thank you.” Janelle MantonTop Secret Women’s Business.

Joanna’s personality is electric, her humour really shines through. Her knowledge is extensive. I have come away feeling motivated, inspired and confident. Tonight was invaluable, I feel really grateful and positive. Thank you.”Louisa Schwarz

“Highly informative. Easy to understand. Professional, passionate, vivacious delivery.” Robyn HampsonValiant.

“Joanna is so factual, and has really given me practical, logical steps to making money off writing and books. She was very inspiring and gave us all the facts we need to make it happen.” Kim NichollsEvents and the City.

“She is a virtual bank of knowledge of how to write a book. What she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! Great website tools and suggestions also.” Kerri Rodley,Domestic Downsizing.

“Joanna has extensive knowledge about the internet and non-traditional publishing, and everyone can learn something from her. I’m inspired!” Fiona Holmstrom

“Joanna is a very energetic and enthusiastic speaker. Her info was very informative and I really enjoyed her session. She really held my attention the entire time.” Michelle GreenThe Website Marketing Coach