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  • Hi, I'd like to say that I really enjoy your podcasts and articles. I'm a fairly new subsrciber. The first episode that I heard was the one with Tony Eldridge. He was talking about his first novel 'The Samson Effect.' You both discussed your love for adventure fiction and the work of James Rollins. (bare with me I am getting to my point) I really enjoyed the interview mostly because it hit very close to home. I have been working on my own novel which will be an adventure in the vein of James Rollins, Clive Cussler, Indiana Jones, etc... My question is this: I have never traveled the world. I have never even left the continental U.S. other than on a fishing boat. How do authors write so vividly about places they have never been? I'm sure that Clive Cusslor, James Rollins and even Tony Eldridge have not traveled to all the locals they write about. I understand research is key but I can do all the research in the world and then write a very clinical description of a far off destination but a good writer can make you believe you are there on the street with the locals, smelling the fumes and hearing the chatter of every day life. Imagination is key too but there again I am always concerned about the freedom of creative license to expound upon the actual in order to tell my story. Sorry I know this is complicated question but I felt like it was one that may make for an interesting interview question or an article. Thanks for listening to my exasperated ramblings. Again, thanks for the podcasts, I have found them great to listen to as well as informative.

  • Thanks Luanne and Richard.

    Josh - great question - I will deal with it in a blog post this month. I'll let you know when scheduled! Thanks for the idea!

  • Hi Joanna, My name is tiffany i'm 17 years old and i'm a young offender in the NLYC . Ever since i was a little girl i've always wanted to be come a writer i never in my dreams thought I'd be locked up. I've been her for almost about a year and i started to take manners into my own hands i decide to follow my dreams. I was stuck on my book for a bout a few weeks and never knew what to write till i ask staff here to find something to help me and i came across your podcast and they have helped me so much .. and i would like to thank-you for that. - Tiffany

    • I found writing a wonderful release from pain, after my sister committed suicide. It really was a way to focus on what's really important. I now write postcards to prissioners through the compassionate budhist program:
      which has helped many people not re-offend.

      • Hi Lesley,

        After my little brother committed suicide, I finally started finding release by making him the protagonist in about half my novels, short stories, etc. I like your way too.


    • Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and I am so glad that the information is useful to you.
      I will continue to put out podcasts and blog posts so I hope they encourage you - and if you have questions, please do let me know.
      I want to send you positive thoughts as you are in a hard situation - I hope you can write about your experience and that it helps you through these times.
      You might find this useful
      People shared comments about hard times in their lives, so I hope that is also encouraging.


  • I enjoyed your most enthusiastic talk to Gold Coast Writers last Saturday, and look forward to attending your workshop.
    Lucky for us that you are a professional writer - I, being an amateur, would have spelled "license" (your Home Page - Technorati) as in Share Alike 2.5 Australia "licence"
    For more examples of my non-professional editing, my book "Tales from Down Under - A Collection of Australasian Short Stories" is in the Gold Coast library.


    John Clark
    Maybe I have just established the first plank of my author's platform?

  • Hi Joanna,

    I have listened to every one of your podcasts on this site. By far the best podcast interviews for writing and self-publishing a book. Brilliant. I am currently writing a philosophy book with some psychology (self help) attributes. I'm only about 21,000 words in for my first very very very rough draft. It's a slow go and I am giving myself a full two years to finish it. I have yet to find a blog or podcast that goes into writing a more philosophical manuscript. There is much philosophy out there that I find too dry. Most is focused on academia instead of the layperson. I want to avoid these pitfalls. I am also an artist so will be adding my own line illustrations that will help the person visualize the philosophy I am putting fourth.

    I am hoping at some point you come across/interview an author that can explain the best ways to add illustrations for a self-published book (including POD) as well as an ebook. I will probably go the self-publishing route as I want to keep creative control over my book (and feel I will be able to market it). I am also looking for those rare posts or podcasts about writing philosophy nonfiction compared to other nonfiction. Even books I have picked up on writing nonfiction never mention philosophy as a genre.

    Again, thanks for the site. It is a valuable resource.


  • Do you have a The Creative Penn icon that I can upload into my WordPress blog as a widget and then link up the article you posted today (July 28, 2010) for people visiting the Self-Published Author's Lounge blog a couple friends and I have set up? I'd like to have an image to the side of the blog to better attract people's attention to this site. :)

    • Thanks so much for your support of the site Ruth. I have emailed you several icons for your site.

  • Hi Jo,

    This is really impressive. I am truly inspired after looking at your site.
    But was just wondering if I could get some guidance from you on how to pen-down the thoughts and creativity on paper.

    wating for your reply.


  • Hi Joanna,

    I have a query stemming from my participation in a US blogging course. Do you have guest posts? Sorry for not scrolling down enough to see the answer to this but I´m in a hurry to publicise information on the Americanos course website. I admire your journey and plan to get back to enjoy your work in detail. Thank you, Maureen.

  • Hi, Joanna!
    My name is Tom and I live in Oregon. I really like your website! I'm an unpublished poet who wants to create my own poetry e-books and sell them exclusively through Amazon KDP Select. I plan to write at least 6 poetry e-books before I upload them to KDP Select. I've read all the pro's and con's online about KDP Select and its library lending fund program. However, to an unpublished poet like me, KDP Select sounds like an awesome program. Something that can introduce my work to thousands of potential readers who crave original poetry from an Oregonian poet. I don't know how well my poetry e-books will do on KDP Select, but I want to gain a lot of online exposure without worrying too much about royalty sales. I'm not writing poetry just to earn a few dollars online. I'm writing poetry because it's a passion that comes directly from my heart. It's a passion I want to share with others. I'm also an active member of an awesome writers support group that meets once a week in my local community. So, I have all the tools I need to self-publish my poetry e-books and upload them to KDP Select. Do you have any advice on how I can be successful as a first-time, self-published poet on KDP Select? Please keep up your awesome work on The Creative Penn!!! Thank you!!! Sincerely, Tom.

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