A Personal Journey To Becoming A Healthy Writer With Dr Euan Lawson

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I’ve been sharing my healthy writer journey recently, and in today’s video and article, you can see how Dr Euan Lawson, my co-author for The Healthy Writer, blends his medical practice with writing and running, in his personal journey.

Watch the video below or here on YouTube.

Here’s the text from the video:

Dr Euan Lawson with Joanna Penn, co-authors of The Healthy Writer

Hello I’m Dr Euan Lawson and I’m also a writer.

I love to be active but I also love writing. I don’t always love spending all day sitting down, getting low back pain, drinking too much coffee and snacking. Those don’t necessarily make me feel good but I do think it is possible to be a healthy writer.

I learned to run in my early 20s and it is something that I now cherish. It is part of my regular routine. I don’t run every single day but I always try to get some exercise. Sometimes I cycle, sometimes I swim. Often I just go for a walk.

When I can I run up my local hill, Winder, and every single day is different. Living in Britain the weather is rarely the same and each season has its own special qualities. The light on a visit to the hills in England can vary from minute to minute. It is always special.

With my running, I’ve done some longer hills races and triathlons and they do bring a sense of achievement but it is the daily habit of exercise where the real magic lies. I love exercise for its own sake. I feel more resilient and more productive. I just feel happier.

Running is an incredible way to ease away the stresses and strains of life. And I get all my best ideas when I am out running.

I’ve managed to make exercise a part of my routine. You don’t have to take up running to be healthier writer. But I would encourage you to find the exercise and activity you love. It might be walking or it could be a hundred other ways of using your body and improving your health.

There is an incredible joy in activity and the medical evidence shows time and time again how it can help your general physical and psychological well-being.

It’s just one way to get the most out of your writing.

To find out more, check out The Healthy Writer, available now in ebook and print editions. You can also find Dr Euan Lawson at www.EuanLawson.com

Joanna Penn :

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  • You are a true inspiration. I love writing and little bit jealous of you. You live your life so full and amazingly! I want to live a life like you. And I like to be fit and exercise regularly and I love travelling too.

  • Thanks for your excellent contributions to the book, Euan. This is a landmark work for writers and, in fact, anyone who leads a primarily sedentary life. I'm planning to make my own, stumbling contributions in this arena too, and am using myself as a guinea pig!

    Footnote: I have a feeling that I met you at the same all-day seminar as you met Joanna in Regents Park, 19th November 2016. Small world – and well done!

  • It's great to see that you and Euan put this book together Joanna! As important as tackling different challenges directly related to writing is, physical health plays a key role in every aspect of life (and can easily make or break you).

    Seeing Euan at a standing desk in the video was a nice touch and I've heard it's a great way to fight some of the ill effects of sedentary work. I'll have to check out the book and see what I can learn from you both on all of this :)

    As a word of advice to anyone that may care, I'll emphasize what was noted in the article: "find the exercise and activity you love." Not everyone likes running or lifting or yoga- but there's bound to be at least one thing you enjoy.

    Pura Vida

    • Thanks Zach, and yes, the point is to find whatever exercise you enjoy, so it becomes a happy and positive part of life, rather than something you 'Have' to do.