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I'm an author, just like you!

Here are my bestselling books, non-fiction for authors under Joanna Penn and thriller fiction under J.F.Penn. Click on the books below to see more information and access buy links for all stores. Available in print, ebook and many in audio format as well.

Non Fiction for Authors


ARKANE Action Adventure Thrillers

Meet Morgan Sierra. Ex-Israeli military psychologist, specialist in religious cults at Oxford University, Krav Maga expert … and now recruited to work for ARKANE, a secret British government agency investigating supernatural mysteries around the world. Described by readers as ‘a female Indiana Jones meets Dan Brown.'

Available in ebook, print and audiobook formats.

London Crime Thriller Series

These crime thrillers feature rebellious Detective Jamie Brooke and reluctant psychic, Blake Daniel, as they solve murder mysteries on the dark side of London.


Other Books

Map of Shadows: a dark fantasy novel is the first in the new Mapwalker series. The Dark Queen: sink beneath the waves in this supernatural short story. Risen Gods: a dark fantasy thriller set in New Zealand. A Thousand Fiendish Angels: three short stories inspired by Dante’s Inferno, linked by a book of human skin passed down through generations. American Demon Hunter: Sacrifice: a dark fantasy from four bestselling authors who just happened to be on the 8.05pm from Chicago one March evening.


Sweet Contemporary Romance

The Summerfield Village sweet romances are co-written with my Mum and published under the name Penny Appleton. We are good friends…although sometimes we want to strangle each other! Family relationships are at the heart of our books. Learn more on www.pennyappleton.com



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  • I would like to have my book displayed on your site and make it available for purchase here as well. What is the process to make that happen?

    The Great X-Cape
    ISBN: 978-1-4490-7362-6

    • Hi Angel, I currently only sell my own books on this site, so I am not looking to sell other people's at the moment.
      You are always welcome to write an appropriate guest blog post though with a link to your book.
      Thanks, Joanna

  • Hi Joanna. I noticed you've published your paperback under your own publishing name. Did you get a load of stock printed or use POD? This is something I'm looking to do.

  • Hi Joanna,
    I've been reading "From Idea to Book" and I find it full of encouragement and aha moments and nuggets that remind me of things I know but forget to inject into my daily life. What I really appreciate most is what you wrote about editing. As a copy editor of non-fiction, I always find myself in these conversations of why, why did you do that, why is this wrong, why, why, why. "I didn't make the rules, I just enforce them" is what I'd like to say. I end up spending more time on teaching the whys and wherefor's than the actual editing. I think in the future I'll just hand out a quote from your book, "...to make the book better."

    I've also bought "From Book to Market" and really like the way you deliver the goods. It's another easy read that encourages me to do more. I'm one of these writers who have written mounds and even have them in book form but haven't published them anywhere. I've used them for seminars and given them away, but you kicked my bum and now today I'm on a roll again.

    Thanks so much for inspiring me to do more with what I have and believing I have a message to spread, even when I get the looks that say, "Who are you?" I'll tell you who I am...I am a writer and a very good editor and I can tell you why. :)

    • Thanks so much Bea - I really appreciate your thoughts - you'll my most up to date information here now as I haven't updated those books for a while. Just check under Writing and Marketing tabs as above on toolbar. Thanks :)

  • Hi Joanna,
    Is From Idea to Book still available on the Kindle? The link on this page takes me to an error page on the amazon site and I can't find it in the Kindle store.

  • Hey Joanna,

    My mind keeps running back to Pentecost, and I've got a Nook Color, but I see you only have Kindle capabilities right now...any chance you're working on a version for BN?


    • Hi Michael, I'm so sorry. It was on Nook but I have just removed it so I can do the Amazon exclusive KDP Select program for the next month. I will be putting it back to Nook and iPad etc later on but I wanted to give that a try. Apologies but I make so little revenue from Nook, I thought this worth a try. Thanks, Joanna

      • No worries, you have to do what you need to if you want better results. I'll be looking forward to it!! Thanks Joanna!!

  • Hello Joanna,

    I just downloaded Pentecost and I am excited to read it. I looked for your newest book Prophecy and see that it's listed under J. F. Penn, whereas your other books are listed under Joanna Penn. Just curious what was behind that decision? I know some authors list books in different genres or fiction vs. non-fiction under variations of their name, but you have two books in a series listed under different names on Amazon (even though they are both listed on your author page).

  • OK, I just read your "Gender Issues In Publishing" post. I should have searched a bit first! Still, it must have been a tough decision. Do you plan on republishing Pentecost under J. F. Penn? I don't believe you can change the author name on a book, unfortunately. As a self-published author myself, I wish I had thought this out better before I published. I'm trying to decide what to use for my fiction books, since I already have several non-fiction books published and used my full name for those.

    • I'm glad you found the post. You can change your name on the cover and also the Author Name but the print book is still linked and that was loaded through LightningSource. I am currently trying to disentangle that so I can have thrillers under J.F.Penn and my non-fiction under Joanna Penn.

  • I see you put Pentecost on KDP select back in January. But I just did a search for it on my Nook and it's still not available. Do you know when it'll be available on the Nook again? I'm looking forward to this next installment!

    • Hi Monica. Yes, KDP Select requires 3 months exclusive. I have it in my diary to put Pentecost & Prophecy back into circulation everywhere in April. I'll let you know :) Thanks!

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