Book Cover Design

Your book cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing your book. However much time you spend on getting people to your book sales page, they won’t download a sample or buy the book if the cover isn’t enticing.

I absolutely recommend that you use a professional for your cover design in order to make it the most effective for your book. As an author, you don’t have all the skills needed to create a great book and this is one area you can’t skimp on. Professional editing is the other one you should be spending money on.

Here’s my video and article on how to find and work with a book cover designer

Below are some designers I recommend and at the bottom of the page are a number of articles about the book cover design process that might help with your own. Many of these guys are busy because they are so good, so make sure you book in advance for any covers.

Book Cover Designers

Reedsy have a marketplace of vetted professional book cover designers with experience in every genre. Click here to check out their options. They also have editors and marketing professionals.

Damonza – Books made awesome, specialist book cover designs for bestselling books. You can also get 5% off by using promo code: TCP5 on checkout.

Author Packages – ebook and print book cover design, plus formatting services

Ebook Launch Cover Design: Beautiful cover designs for ebook and print

[Please note: I am an affiliate of the services above because they are excellent quality and have been recommended by readers of this blog. That means I receive a small % of the sale for the referral, but with no extra cost to you. Thanks for checking them out!]

More book cover designers

JD Smith Design: Jane is my current designer as well as doing my interior formatting. She designed Stone of Fire, Crypt of Bone and Ark of Blood, as well as some of my non-fiction books.

Derek Murphy at Creativindie Book Covers : Derek did some of my earlier covers – Desecration, Delirium, A Thousand Fiendish Angels & my non-fiction books Career Change and the original How To Market A Book. He doesn’t do much design work these days, but he has also written this article on How to create your own book cover in MS Word which can help if you’re cash-strapped.

Books Covered. Design agency creating market-leading book cover design.

Ant Puttee at BookCoverCafe.com: Ant is an artist and graphic designer and can do some really special custom work

Carl Graves at ExtendedImagery.com : Although I don’t know Carl personally, he does Joe Konrath’s covers and also has some sales on ready-made covers now and then which is a great idea to keep costs down.

Jessica Bell Design – Book cover design services for indie authors, email support and iterative design. Discount for members of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Cover Design Studio: Need cover design on a budget? Customize template book covers for your books.

Robin Ludwig Design: Robin does book design for some friends of mine so I can recommend her services.

Bookfly Design: Ebook and print covers. Recommended by one of my community.

Mars Dorian does ebook covers that stand out for $150-$200

Dane Low at Ebook Launch does ebook cover design for $99 – $279 and is #1 on Smashwords recommended designer list

The Book Cover Whisperer -“Big 5” book cover design and book marketing. Design ethos: visually stunning covers and promotional products your readers will love. Researched, quality production. Unlimited changes until you’re 100% satisfied. IBPA member. Listed on IngramSpark Publishing experts page.

Syd Gill – graphic design and book covers

Alexandra Brandt – Cover design (and more) for all flavors of sci-fi and fantasy.

BEAUTeBOOK – Includes ready-to-go and custom covers

Book Designer Fiona Raven – Fiona is a freelance book designer providing worry-free book design for authors worldwide. She specializes in working with first-time authors who are self-publishing.

Scarlett Rugers book design agency – Great cover designs and useful articles for indies

Book Design by Ana – including urgent designs and budget options

Karrie Ross Book Cover Designer – print, ebook plus interior design

Streetlight Graphics – cover design, formatting and typesetting, print media and other art

I do book covers – includes tips for indie authors

Covertopia – bestselling predesigned covers

Cover my book – includes premade covers for lower prices

Best cheap book covers – beautiful covers for independent authors

Hazel Lau at Kindle Station

Audria Wooster at Design by Indigo. Over 20 years’ experience.

Candescent Press. Recommended by a student of mine. Design and formatting.

Joshua Jadon, Book Cover Design

Duncan Long, Book Cover Art

Junriel Boquecosa, Graphic Design

Epicenter Creative Branding by Design

Eden Graphics, Book Covers and more

Kingwood Creations, Affordable pre-made book covers

DesignOnClick.com Book cover design and more

Hampton Lamoureux Book cover design and more, with a specialty in dark fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery

Grace My Cover Book cover design and more

WordSugar Designs. Professional graphic design for authors by an author

The Book Cover Designer The largest selection of pre-made book covers online.

Brandi McCann, Book Cover Designer

Bienvenido A. Swinton Jr., Book Cover Design

Sanja Gombar Book Cover Design For You

WSDG book design

Burak Ulker Book cover examples here.

Breeze Books Book cover design without the breeze.

Hudson Valley Book Design Ebook and Print covers

Elena Dudina Book and CD cover design

dePinho Design Small but mighty graphic studio with a nose for design

Sam Wall Book cover design and art work

Van Garde Imagery Book interior and cover design

Dissect Design Bespoke book covers

Andrea Reider Design Graphic Design and Editorial Services

Dave Kessler Art Direction and Design

Nico Illustration and Book Cover Design

Good Life Guide eBook formatting, design and publishing

Michelle Watts Book cover design, art & multi-media

Fiction-Atlas Press LLC Book Cover Design, Editing, Marketing and Publishing

MaryDes Book Cover Design and Graphic design

MoreVisual Award-winning book cover design

The Frontispiece Book Design

Henry Hyde Book Design

Laura Duffy Book Cover Design & Graphic Design

River Book Cover Design Fiction and Non-fiction

Fantasy Book Cover Design

W.S.D.G. Book Design

MIBL Art Specializing in Urban Fantasy

Working Type Studio, Book Cover Design and Layout Solutions, and Print Design Services

Lance Buckley Design Print, Publishing, Branding

Hidden Gems book cover design

I Love My Cover Independent book design and marketing

Juan Padron Book cover design

Clarity Book Cover Design Book covers, social media banners, memes, swag.

Greg Simanson Design Book covers and more.

You can also check out the monthly eBook cover design awards at TheBookDesigner.com and find designers that you like there.

Split testing your book cover design

One of the issues with book covers is deciding which one you think will sell best. A great way to decide is to split test them with people who don’t know you or want to protect your feelings 🙂 Check out Pickfu for a quick and easy way to test.










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