Tools And Resources For Authors And Writers

People often ask me what tools and resources I use, so I’ve gathered the main ones on this page.

[ Please note: Some of the links are affiliate links which means I make a small amount of money if you click through. I use all these services myself and only recommend those I trust, so I hope they are useful and you can always google them if you don’t want to use my link. Thanks!

For writing

Scrivener. I love Scrivener and I write all my books with it. It’s amazing writing software with brilliant drag and drop functionality so you can write out of order and then just switch things around later. All for just $45. Amazing. You can find it at LiteratureandLatte.com. It’s also now available as an app for iPhone and iPad. Click here for how I use Scrivener to write my books.

If you want to optimize your Scrivener usage, e.g. understand which fields do what when you compile your files, then I recommend the Learn Scrivener Fast training which is brilliant and can shortcut the learning process considerably.

I’m also now dictating some of my first drafts using Dragon Dictate on Mac (and there are lots of other versions of Dragon for whatever OS or device you use).

In case you need any new books for your reading list … 

For editing

Once I finish my first draft, I run each chapter through Grammarly. This picks up some of the most obvious issues, like my terrible use of commas, typos, and repeated words. I’d rather my editor and proofreader start from as clean a manuscript as possible, and I also learn each time I go through this exercise.

I always use a professional editor and proofreader. Details on the process and links to pro editors here.


For publishing

I use professional cover designers. Here are some options.

I format my ebooks with Vellum software, which creates beautiful ebooks 🙂

It really makes formatting a lot of fun and you can read why I moved from Scrivener to Vellum for formatting here.

Choosing the right sub-categories and keywords is one of the most important aspects of self-publishing.

I’ve recently used a couple of reasonably-priced reports from K-lytics to determine the data to use for new books and also repositioning older ones. I hate fiddling around with data so it’s great to find someone who loves it and makes it easier for us all! Click here to read more about K-lytics reports.

Need help researching your Amazon keywords for self-publishing or Amazon/Facebook advertising? I recommend KDP Rocket – click here to check it out.

For more help with self-publishing, click here for all the articles or click the image below.

For curated information about being an indie author, connections with industry experts and other authors as well as other benefits, I am a proud member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. They have a watchdog service so you can avoid being ripped off, and a very useful blog and podcast.

Need help with book marketing?

There are lots of tips and useful information here.

For book marketing through email blasts, BookBub is still the heavy-hitter, but I also recommend FreeBooksy, BargainBooksy, Red Feather Romance, and NewInBooks. They have options for wherever you are on your author journey, it’s more affordable than BookBub and you are more likely to be accepted.

Need an author website?

I recommend that authors who are serious about a long-term writing career should have a self-hosted, professional looking website. Here’s my tutorial on how to build your own self-hosted website in under 30 mins.

Tips on how to podcast

Lots of people ask about how to podcast, so you can find all the technical details here.