A Personal Journey To Becoming A Healthy Writer With Joanna Penn

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I’ve been talking about how much walking has helped me in the last few years, and now you can see behind the scenes as I walk along the canal and share my personal journey of becoming a Healthy Writer.

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Here’s the text from the video:

Hello Creatives, I’m Joanna Penn and over the last ten years, I’ve written 26 books. I love writing, but over the years, my sedentary behaviour and bad posture, along with hours in front of the keyboard have resulted in back, neck and shoulder pain, repetitive strain injury in my wrist and elbow, as well as headaches, eye strain and weight gain.

I want to be an author for the long term and I want to be a happy, healthy writer, so I decided to make some changes in my life. 

I always used to walk in London, but when we moved to Bath in the south-west of England, I started walking along the canal and walking longer distances.

The canal path is different every time I walk it. The seasons change and the hedgerows and foliage change too. There are ducks, swans, and a pair of herons, robins in the branches and the colourful canal boats move up and down, bringing new people to the area.

Walking has helped my fitness levels but it’s also helped my mental health.

I can spend a day away from the screen, breathing, walking in nature, getting a new perspective on the world, talking with my husband, listening to audiobooks, or just being silent.

Walking longer distances calms my busy mind.

I stop worrying about book sales and comparing myself to others when I watch a heron fish on the edge of the canal or listen to the rain on my hood and the click of my poles on the path.

In the last two years, I’ve walked two ultra-marathons and have another one booked for next year. These challenges give me a goal to aim for and I’ve found the events themselves to be incredibly motivating with beautiful scenery, great support and the buzz of achievement at the end.

Walking is a practice in the same way writing is.

It doesn’t need to have a point, you can just enjoy the journey.

Walking nourishes my body and mind and has helped me become a healthier writer.

Perhaps it can help you too.

To find out more, check out The Healthy Writer, available now in ebook and print editions.

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  • This post is downright inspiring, Joanna. I live in the foothills of South Carolina USA and in order to drive to a place where I feel safe walking alone I have to drive (a first because I've always lived in the city!) so I've put off the walking and put on the weight. :( Your post reminded me that making time to walk is an investment, not an interruption. Blessings in 2018!

    • Thanks Cathy, and I've actually seen great improvements in my productivity by being more 'well' in general, plus if you ever have a plot issue, walking can be the best way to solve it!

      • Thanks, Joanna! I look forward to the fresh start as well as reading The Healthy Writer. It was on my wishlist and now with gift cards in hand, it's will soon become a reality. :)