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  • Hi Joanna,

    Thank you for the links. I am thinking about writing an e-book describing the alternative tools for approaching mental illness. You information will be very useful for me :) I am a painter, and never wrote a book before, but I think that life wants me to share what I have learned on the difficult path of gaining spiritual (and energetic) awareness.
    The warmest regards,
    PS I will forward the link to my paintings. I don't have an official website anymore.

  • Hi Ania,

    Think about no more, do it! I think your idea is splendid, and should get many readers. It's a very emotive subject and if you're brave enough to write on it, I personally believe you will help many thousands of people. Here's to your success!

    Kind regards,
    Phil P.

  • Hey there
    As a new writer I am vey grateful for all the information you provide so freely.
    However, I do have a problem. I find that I cannot download the November 2009 and October 2009 ezines from Scribd. When I lick on the link to the site I only find an upload link for me to upload a personal file. There is no download link at all.
    PLEASE !! Is there any way that I could receive the pdf for these two months.
    Sorry to trouble you.
    Thanks again